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In October this year, Stephanie moved out of the family home to start her journey of independent living in Afford’s Caboolture group home. At 29 years old, Stephanie was keen to live on her own and secured NDIS funding to make this dream a reality.

Where Friends Become Family

In Caboolture, she lives with housemates that are her own age and who share her interests. Over the months, they have become more than friends. They have become family.

Stephanie has a vibrant and switched-on personality. She loves cooking sessions at her home, as well as swimming on Tuesday as part of The Afford Lifestyle. She loves to dance with her friends at the local sporting club and enjoys living life as she chooses in her new home.

Challenge Yourself

Always outgoing, Stephanie wasn’t shy in becoming ‘the face of Afford’ in a recent bus advertising campaign around the Caboolture area. She even had the chance to see her face in all its splendour splashed across the bus before it took to the roads.

Afford is Your Partner for Your Unique Journey

Like every individual, Stephanie’s journey is unique. The way she wants to lead her life suits her abilities, her needs and her goals for life.

One of Stephanie’s personal goals has been to turn to a more healthy and active lifestyle. It is very important to her that she felt and looked her best for her twin sister’s wedding.

Not only did Stephanie receive support and encouragement to achieve her goals from Afford Lifestyle Assistants at her Caboolture home, but she also had support from her new family – her housemates.

Achieve Your Goals

Stephanie is a very determined young woman. Along with Lifestyle Assistants, Stephanie made massive changes to her daily routine. She began walking regularly and choosing healthier meal and snack options. Soon, Stephanie could tell that that changes she had made to her lifestyle were helping her to lose weight and she was feeling better inside.

As a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding in October, Stephanie looked fabulous! She wore a stunning emerald gown and the smile that spread across her face for the entire day reflected her confident and vibrant personality.

Stephanie enjoyed her sister’s magical day, knowing that she had challenged herself and achieved her goals.

At the wedding, Stephanie’s new brother-in-law, Paul, and sister, Georgie, presented her with a beautiful gold necklace with a pendant of two rings. The necklace not only signifies their commitment in marriage to each other, but also is recognition of the event as a special day for Stephanie too.

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