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“If you believe in a dream and have the courage to try, anything is possible” – Rick Hansen

Steven is a sensational forklift driver at Afford Minchinbury Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE). He is an enthusiastic worker and a dedicated dad. At the Minchinbury factory, he is considered a friend by all his peers.

Steven loves his job at Minchinbury ADE, but he is always looking for ways to challenge himself. He wants to do better and most importantly, he wants to be a great role model for his kids.

At the factory, he runs pallets to and from jobs on the forklift. He unloads and reloads pallets onto the trucks. He moves pallets around to ensure that the factory floor is orderly.

At work, Steven would like to take on more responsibility. That means developing his reading and writing skills and improving his maths ability.

He spoke with his supervisor, Megan, about his ambition to develop his skill set. Megan supported Steven to connect with a speech pathologist to develop strategies to work towards his goal.

Over the weeks, Steven has participated in sessions with his speech pathologist to familiarise himself with numbers and terminology used at the factory. Megan provides sample paperwork for Steven to practice and supplies him with stock numbers to populate the forms.

While at home, Steven goes through the paperwork to practice his reading and writing skills. He reviews pallet quantities provided by Megan to enhance his real-world maths skills that relate directly to his job.

Megan oversees the forms are filled in correctly and provides guidance if needed.

As his skills have progressed, Megan has given Steven greater responsibility to load the truck and count the stock as it comes in. All stock needs to be validated to ensure it relates to the exact amount listed in the paperwork.

Steven has exceeded all expectations. Megan has reviewed his paperwork and says that it is of the highest quality and professionalism.

Hard work, determination, and the right attitude to take on any challenge has resulted in Steven now being able to complete paperwork without the help of supervisors.

“I want my boys to know that you can achieve anything if you work hard and don’t give up,” said Steven.

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