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Independent living is all about taking responsibility of your well being and your possessions. So when  our clients at Blacktown Day Program wanted to start a car wash program, our staff got the wheels in motion to make this program a reality.

Learning Life Skills

The purpose of the car wash program is to get clients involved in a group based activity, foster decision making, encourage role playing and taking up responsibility, encouraging team work, developing lasting friendships and having fun!

The program runs every Wednesday at the Blacktown site and is a great opportunity for clients, Ryan, Acelin, Peter, Michael, Alfred, Joshua, Brad, Jayden and Matthew, to learn a variety of life skills.

Working as a Team

At the start of the program, the team are taught proper handling of equipment and use of chemicals/detergents. They also develop and practice their skills in vacuuming, cleaning, washing, assisting staff to check the vehicle’s water levels, brakes and other lights, and tyre pressure.

Purchasing equipment and detergents is also part of the program. Afford’s Blacktown Day Program Team Leader and staff support clients to go to Bunnings  to buy the items that are required and clients are encouraged to select the items on their own and also make final payment at the registers.

Engaging with the Community

The team also have the opportunity to put their communication and social skills to the test in customer service. Clients use their extraordinary sales skills to convince prospective customers (staff and visitors) to have their car vacuumed and washed at a minimum fee of $5.

In addition to this, the clients are also responsible for collecting the fee and recording their takings at the end of the program to their site’s Lifestyle Assistant.

The team fairly share roles set out for the program and take ownership of the program to ensure it is a success.

The program is a combined effort between clients and Afford staff. Everyone has the chance to contribute their thoughts and suggestions about how to make the program a success!

The car wash program is proving to be very popular with clients and is an activity that they look forward to completing together.

A Taste of Work Life and Learning New Skills

The program introduces clients to work life and present opportunities to learn skills for life.