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What better way to spend summer than to head out to Cronulla Beach! That’s precisely what Chris, from Afford’s Bexley Day Program, wanted to do. So, his support staff, Orlando, made it happen!

Achieve Your NDIS Goals

One of Chris’ NDIS goals is to exercise and get out and about to explore the community. He loves the beach and particularly enjoys going to Cronulla where he can listen to the waves, soak up the sun and enjoy a day outdoors.

Chris mentioned to Orlando that he wanted to go to Cronulla beach for their next outing. So, with a packed lunch, the duo headed out for an amazing sensory and fun adventure!

Sensory Experiences

While at Cronulla beach they walked along the boardwalk and watched the seagulls circling around. Chris dipped his toes into the water to feel the sensation of the cool water flow over his feet.

Chris also achieved another of his personal goals during this outing, by making a healthy lunch! He had a delicious sandwich and fruit. Yum! A great lunch to give him energy for his day out.

We are Your NDIS Partner

Orlando provides one-to-one support for Chris every week and supports him to work towards his goals. Orlando understands Chris’ needs and they work in partnership to make healthy lifestyle options.

Cronulla beach is one of Chris’ favourite places to go. It gives him a chance to enjoy nature, see different parts of the community and learn to manage a variety of different social situations.

One-to-One and Group Supports

At Afford, you can be sure to find one-to-one or group supports that suit your interests and your abilities. Our staff are genuine in finding out what makes you happy, to connect you with the right supports.

Find out more about how Afford Day Programs can help you get involved in activities that interest you, so that you can achieve your goals under the NDIS.