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Our Penrith group home residents sizzled up a barbeque at Nurragingy Reserve last weekend. The Sunday morning kicked off nice and early with the residents going to the shops to buy the ingredients themselves, supervised by Afford staff. They found all the ingredients they needed and through their shopping and money handling skills were able to purchase the ingredients at the counter.

“I like choosing the ingredients myself and going to the shops with everyone” said Mathew, one of the residents.
Now time for the yummy part; the barbeque, of course. Who doesn’t want a sausage sizzle on a Sunny Sunday!
It was wonderful to see how well the residents all get along and were helping each other to cook the sausages. All in all, it was a delicious Sunday lunch followed by a nice walk at the park.

Afford group homes staff are always planning outdoor activities for residents to interact, be active and enjoy their time with each other.