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Every donation, no matter how small, is used to directly benefit people with disability.

Your donation can help us provide more services for people with disability in the community. Afford does receive some government funding and gain funds through our Australian Disability Enterprise businesses and grants, but your contribution -no matter how small – is valuable in helping us enhance the lives of others.

Every donation is used to directly benefit people with disability. None of our administrative costs come from donations, bequests or sponsorship. Every dollar received through these channels goes directly to people with disability.

Donations help us to expand our services and make more places available to people with disability. They also help us include activities such as art and music in all our Day Programs. If you’d like to support our work, a donation is one way to help. Any sum over $2 is tax deductible.

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Meet Daniel Ashfield Lifestyle Centre

Daniel loves all things Disney, his own company, iPads and a routine. Changes can be challenging for Daniel, so getting him to try new things can be tricky. When Daniel first joined at Ashfield Lifestyle Centre he was not comfortable participating in any activities, at times not even wanting to stay in separate rooms. After gentle support and persistence from the Team, Daniel now has a shot at the site’s Cooking and Art Programs, Line Dancing and recently has started to take part in both the Wheelie Warriors and Bike Riding Program. As a result of being supported to branch out of his comfort-zone, Daniel has now discovered a new love and attends a mainstream Dance School and taken up the opportunity to go for motor bike rides on his family holidays.

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