Fancy riding on the back of a majestic swan or wielding Thor’s famed hammer? That’s what Danny leads us to believe he was doing this week, thanks to the ‘smoke and mirror’ effects of Melbourne’s ArtVo.

Danny is a resident in Afford’s Melbourne Supported Accommodation. He is a friendly and cheerful gentleman who loves to explore his local community and discover different parts of Melbourne.

Danny enjoys one-to-one support to get out and about to do the things he loves. On his list of places to visit was Melbourne’s ArtVo – a trick art gallery that lets you step into the scene and take photos to make it look as if you are really there and part of the action.

For Danny, this was a chance to experience art with a difference. Large murals span the gallery walls, with the artistry delivering a 3D effect that presents the illusion of depth in photos.

Along with his lifestyle assistant, Danny walked through the rooms to see and step into the paintings to take photos. While international travel is off the cards at the moment, Danny had the chance to sit in an Italian Gondola and imagine that he was floating through the canals. He even has a photo surfing a huge wave! These are photos and memories that he will cherish forever.

As a devoted AFL fan, Danny’s favourite artwork involved him posing to kick a footy ball to win the Premiership Cup!

The Afford Lifestyle ensures that every resident has opportunities to live the life they want and get involved in the activities they choose.

Like all residents in Afford homes, Danny has support from a lifestyle assistant if and when he needs it. Having one-to-one support means that when Danny goes out into the community, he has the care and encouragement he needs to do the things that matter most to him.

Find out more about the amazing outings available and support for residents offered as part of the Afford Lifestyle in Supported Accommodation across Australia.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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