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The Surfers Paradise community was surprised and entertained by a fully choreographed flash mob performance by our amazing Afford Occupational Therapists, Afford clients, Afford staff, family and friends to celebrate Occupational Therapy Week.

Celebrating OT Week

Joined by cowgirl stilt walkers to add to the sensational performance, the group danced to ‘Git Up’ by Blanco Brown as part of the #GitUpChallenge. Everyone moved to the rhythm to steps they had practiced weeks in advance. The crowd, though, had no idea that the performance had been practiced and planned and was completely surprised at the burst of spontaneous dancing!

The flash mob was coordinated by Afford Occupational Therapist, Nicole, to coincide with Occupational Therapist Day (27 October 2019).

The flash mob celebrates and recognises the positive impact that occupational therapy has on the lives of many people living with disability across Australia.

A marvellous and entertaining performance, our Queensland tribe boogied to the choreographed steps of Blanco Brown’s Cowboy Boogie, Hoedown, Butterfly, and Two-Step.

Occupational Therapy in Action!

Not only was the flash mob a way for our dedicated OTs to ‘make some noise’ about the benefits of occupational therapy to individuals living with disability, but it was also a chance to show the wider community these therapies in action.

The benefits of dancing and performing the ‘The Git Up’ gave participants a goal to work towards and they made it happen! It was also about being part of a community and feeling connected. It was also a way to use dance to relax and unwind.

Following and remembering multiple steps, directions, and coordinating our bodies to move our arms to cross our body can be a challenge. But these are all components of everyday life skills which occupational therapists work in partnership with individuals and groups to develop.

Most importantly, the flash mob was proof that engaging your imagination and having fun are all part of life. Fun leads us to live the life we have always wanted.

In the Blanco Brown “The Git Up” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified YouTube, Blanco Brown mentions that the meaning of the lyrics to Git Up is “….You can be at the lowest moment of your life and just know that if you git up and do something you can change your circumstances and that is what music is about to me…..”  This is the essence of occupational therapy – occupation is therapeutic. And dance is an occupation.

Following the flash mob spectacle, the group enjoyed a relaxing lunch together by the beach and celebrated a successful performance and amazing achievement.

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