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Learning more about where our food comes from and trying new life experiences is all possible thanks to the Afford Lifestyle.

At Afford, we support our residents to explore more of the world around them and take part in fun activities, that also provide opportunities to learn something new.

New Life Experiences

Recently residents from our Glen Alpine home were lucky enough to visit Berrylicious Strawberries to see first-hand how strawberries are grown – and to be the first to taste test some of the ravishing ripe fruit.

When residents, Moesha, Bianca, Amanda, Cameron and Joanne, arrived at the strawberry farm, rows and rows of ripe, red strawberries were waiting to greet them .

Learning More About Where Our Food Comes From

The strawberries were growing in raised, long rectangular beds within an enclosed tent to make the environment just right to grow the little beauties.

Not only did residents learn about the growing process and how best to pick strawberries, they also had the chance to test the fruit right off the vines!

Everyone picked and ate, and picked and ate. At the end of the day, residents took home some lovely strawberries to enjoy throughout the week as healthy snack options, but also filled their bellies with delicious fruit on the day.

The Afford Lifestyle creates experiences like this and many more, to support residents find out more about the world around them.

Fruit picking is a wonderful experience which opens our eyes to where our foods come from and how it is grown and harvested.

Taking Part in Activities That Being Happiness

As part of the Afford community, residents can enjoy an array of experiences that interest them and make them happy.

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