Image for Zoo Life and Learning

Zoo Life and Learning

At Afford, staff integrate educational and sensory experiences to encourage individuals to explore new activities, manage a variety of different social situations and participate in activities that bring enjoyment to their lives. Thanks to the introduction of more all abilities inclusions at Sydney Zoo...
Image for Peter Discovers His Past

Peter Discovers His Past

It’s natural for us to want to understand where we come from, who our relatives are and the reasons why we do things in a certain way. For Peter, it was more than just curiosity. He wanted to locate a copy of his birth certificate and track down details about his mother so that he can finally become an Australian citizen. As part of the
Image for Brianna Shows Her Dance Moves

Brianna Shows Her Dance Moves

Brianna is a young, vivacious woman. She has always loved to dance and regularly showcases her latest choreographed moves to her housemates and the Lifestyle Assistants at her Afford Group Home in Victoria. Then, one day Brianna walked into the garage of her home to find a very welcome ...
Image for No Borders Will Stop the Affordian Spirit Shining Through

No Borders Will Stop the Affordian Spirit Shining Through

“One for all and all for one!” Affordians across Australia wish for the safety and good health of all of our friends in Victoria. In solidarity with our interstate Affordians, Team Leaders at Afford’s Rouse Hill Day Program in New South Wales joined with staff at Afford’s Noble Park
Image for Jayden’s Virtual Music Therapy Session

Jayden’s Virtual Music Therapy Session

For Jayden, the chatter of people at the shops or a flurry of lights and unexpected activity nearby can be all it takes to trigger an uncontrollable sensory response. Around two years ago, Jayden and his family turned to Afford’s Noble Park Day Program in Victoria for support to help J...