Image for Matthew’s Green Thumb

Matthew’s Green Thumb

The Afford Lifestyle is all about Afford going above and beyond to make sure that residents can live a life of independence and are supported to achieve their goals and explore their interests. Get Involved in the Things You Love Matthew, of the Empire ...
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Afford’s Seniors Club!

The best fun is had with friends! So Afford has established a Seniors Club for residents of Afford homes across Sydney to combat loneliness. The group also serves to encourage older Australians to be more connected to their community. Socialise with Friends The Seniors C...
Image for Bluebird Sewing Sensation

Bluebird Sewing Sensation

Sewing is a skill that takes practice and precision. But for our ladies at Bluebird group home, their sewing is stitching the way to greatness! Grant Funding Supports Skills Development Thanks to generous funding provided by The RA Gale Foundation, the ladies of Afford’s Bluebird
Image for Celebrating The Moon Landing With Empire

Celebrating The Moon Landing With Empire

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing! So it’s fitting that residents from our Empire home took a trip out to the Powerhouse Museum to learn more about this historic moment for mankind. Your Life, Your Way In an Afford home, you will al...
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Recycle, Earn and Learn

Residents living in Afford homes are supported to develop their skills and independence, with Lifestyle Assistants at hand 24/7 for if, or when, they are needed. Residents can get involved in activities that interest them. They are also encouraged to get involved in their local community. ...