Image for Toby’s Gardening Business Grows

Toby’s Gardening Business Grows

As Mark Twain once said: “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” It’s that idea that catapulted Toby’s interest in gardening, into a business! While enjoying some extra time at his Afford Group Home, Toby realised that his passion lies in being in the g...
Image for Afford At The Movies

Afford At The Movies

It’s not every day that you get to have a private screening at the movies. But that’s the very experience our Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) Supported Employees enjoyed when they all headed to the cinemas to watch, Ride Like a Girl. Meaning...
Image for Sharlene’s Beach Wheelchair Dream Becomes A Reality

Sharlene’s Beach Wheelchair Dream Becomes A Reality

You may remember a story from earlier this year about Queensland Affordian, Sharlene, wanting a beach wheelchair to enjoy time in the water with her family. We are ecstatic to report that, just in time for the hot Queensland summer, Sharlene has now received her custom scripted beach wheelchair! Sharlene was quick to give it a test...