Image for Imagination and Creativity Soar!

Imagination and Creativity Soar!

Art is an important form of expression and tool for communication. Afford Day Programs across Australia incorporate art programs as a way for clients to develop creative skills and explore new tactile experiences. Realising the Ar...
Image for Residents Improve the Humble Board Game

Residents Improve the Humble Board Game

At Afford, skills development is something that we nurture for every individual. It’s about working with you to enhance your unique abilities to make every day life easier. Our skills development programs and activities are practical and stimulating, so you don’t even realise all the different skills you’re fine tuning because ...
Image for Get Arty with the Afford Lifestyle

Get Arty with the Afford Lifestyle

The Afford Lifestyle lets you explore your interests and develop your skills in a supportive and friendly environment. Group Homes are a Place to Explore interests Stanley is a resident at our Empire Grou...
Image for SLES Gets Arty

SLES Gets Arty

Afford’s Minchinbury Head Office was in need of some colour and personality, so our SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Program trainees were set the challenge of creating artwork to put on display. As the Minchinbury and Penrith SLES trainees participated in the DIY art project, they not only created artwork to decorate head of...
Image for Get the Creative Juices Flowing with Art and Craft

Get the Creative Juices Flowing with Art and Craft

Afford’s art and craft programs are engaging, therapeutic and educational activities that many of our clients enjoy taking part in each and every day across our Day Programs. Many of our clients have been fortunate enough to have their artworks and sculptures showcase...