Image for Artistic Sensations at Bexley and Southport

Artistic Sensations at Bexley and Southport

Painting is a talent that takes practice and determination to create a masterpiece. Our clients at Bexley and Southport Day Programs have not only mastered the art but have created pieces worthy of display in a gallery! Art to Suit Your Abilities At Bexley in New South ...
Image for Making Dreams a Reality

Making Dreams a Reality

Every day we work hard to support our clients to take part in new life experiences. We get to know each individual’s dreams and aspirations so that we can make their dreams a reality. Working with Organisations to Make Dreams a Reality For our clients at Bexley Day Program, meeting their NRL heroes used to be only a ...
Image for New Experiences, New Enjoyment!

New Experiences, New Enjoyment!

Many of us are lucky enough to visit events like the Easter Show but for Eman, this has only been a lifetime dream… until now!  Our staff members genuinely care about sup...
Image for Jack Settles in at Bexley Day Program

Jack Settles in at Bexley Day Program

Afford staff are known across the disability sector as providing genuine, person-centred care for each and every one of our clients. We care! Person-Centred Support When we welcome a new client to the Afford community, our staff go above and beyond to make sure they are comfortable, feel at ease with staff and their peers ...
Image for Afford Merge Offers a Brighter Future

Afford Merge Offers a Brighter Future

Last year, Afford merged with WALCA (Wellness and Leisure Centre for Adults) in Bexley to ensure the continuation of services for the many clients that attended the site. The merge presented Bexley clients with greater opportunities and choice to access their local community, learn new skills, make new friends and live the life on their terms.