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New Experiences, New Enjoyment!

Many of us are lucky enough to visit events like the Easter Show but for Eman, this has only been a lifetime dream… until now! ¬†Our staff members genuinely care about sup...
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Services for Young Affordians

At Afford, we want every individual to have the chance to do things that interests them. No matter what their ability, or their age. More Services for You We have added more services across Australia to make sure we have a range of program available for people of different needs and ages. Our Frankston team have rec...
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Respite Gives You the Break You Need

Afford Respite offers you and your family the chance to strengthen your relationship. Everyone needs a break every now and again to re-energise and refresh, so our respite program offers short term accommodation for an enjoyable break in a comfortable, relaxed and supportiv...
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From Nature to Machines – Afford Has Outings Sorted for You

In an Afford home you can be sure that there will be a park or reserve close by to explore. A household car will always be parked in the driveway, so that you can come and go to places around your area as you please. For our Group Home residents in Penrith, there are many places to disc...