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Take Charge of Your Life

When you join Afford’s SLES Program, it isn’t just about sitting back and waiting for trainers to provide all the answers. The SLES Program presents school leavers with the opportunity to take charge of their learning and to proactively ask questions, seek advi...
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Suds-a-Plenty at Blacktown Day Program

Independent living is all about taking responsibility of your well being and your possessions. So when  our clients at Blacktown Day Program wanted to start a car wash program, our staff got the wheels in motion to make this program a reality. Learning Life Ski...
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Fuelling a Healthy Lifestyle

Fuelling your body with nutritious and healthy foods is the first step to leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Health and Well Being Across our Day Programs, our Lifestyle Assistants are always finding ways to encourage health and well being, a...
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Find the Job That’s Right For You

Going to work every day to a place that is supportive of your needs, where you will find find friends and with work that interests you, is a dream for many job-seekers. Sometimes, the right job for you, just takes a little time to find. If you’ve just finished school or are looking to return to the workforce after a break, then
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Care That Is Personalised For You

Our motto is ‘We Care’ and our one-to-one support provides personalised care and attention for your needs or the needs of your loved one. Support for Everyday Living It could involve support to go the shops, maintain household duties, or even getting out and about in the community to explore more of the local facilities, parks an...