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When you join Afford’s SLES Program, it isn’t just about sitting back and waiting for trainers to provide all the answers. The SLES Program presents school leavers with the opportunity to take charge of their learning and to proactively ask questions, seek advice and learn new skills with the knowledge that they have support to pursue their employment goals.

Industry Visits

Industry visits are an important part of the SLES program, which provides trainees with a behind-the-scenes look into industries in which they may like to work.

Travel Training

Part of the industry visit experience is getting there, and travel training also plays a role in teaching trainees more about how to navigate the world around them.

Recently, trainees, Clayton, Nick and Hannah, from our Ingleburn SLES Program travelled to the city by train to visit and learn more about employment opportunities at Hobby Co.

With the train trip from Ingleburn station into the city taking over an hour in itself, trainees went about carefully planning their travel to ensure they arrived on time. They reviewed the train timetables, agreed on a meeting point and figured out the time it would take to travel to Hobby Co from the train station.

On the day, all went according to their plans and, with their trainer,  they arrived at Hobby Co with ease.

Exploring Work Experience Opportunities

At Hobby Co, the trainees were welcomed by the store manager and discussed work experience opportunities, different roles and responsibilities at the store and how to go about applying for positions.

They were taken for a tour of the store and learnt more about what is involved in working at Hobby Co.

After their industry visit, trainees enjoyed walking around the shops at the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney and stopped for some lunch before returning home using their planned travel route and timetable.

Developing Confidence and Independence for the Workforce

Industry visits are experiences that encourage independence, planning, confidence and communication. With support from their trainer, SLES trainees are given the freedom to explore their abilities and apply their skills and knowledge for a workforce setting.