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Every year in July, the trainers and trainees from Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) program Mt Druitt and Penrith sites come together for an Annual Christmas in July team challenge.

The SLES program gives young school leavers the chance to develop their skills further before entering the workforce. With support and encouragement from experienced trainers, trainees expand their life experience and participate in practical sessions that hone in on specific skills that they can apply in a workplace environment.

The SLES program is designed to be enjoyable, as well as a place where trainees can feel free to share their opinions and interests.

The Christmas in July Team Challenge is an opportunity for trainees to develop their teamwork skills and communicate effectively.

The challenge began with trainees moving into teams to get the friendly competitive spirit started. Teams are encouraged and supported to face challenges head-on and work together to achieve their goal.

The first challenge was a Christmas themed game of ‘Celebrity Heads’. Trainees put on their thinking caps to demonstrate excellent communication and cognitive skills as they raced to guess which Christmas character they were.

Next up, teams drew a Christmas song from a hat. They then had 15 minutes to organise their team to re-invent the song into a Christmas rap.

Trainees delivered streams of exceptional tunes, lyrics and dance moves which meant that this activity ended in a tie between two teams – they were just too good!

The next stage involved trainees solving a festive murder mystery. Clues were collected and teams questioned each other to work out motives and uncover evidence. Using their clues and skills of deduction, teams solved the mystery.

The challenge turned into a hands-on test. Trainees had to complete ‘The Christmas Present Wrap’. It was a fun activity, but it also made trainees use their organisational skills and practice working as a team.

The challenge day ended with ‘Interview for an elf’. In an interview, trainees presented reasons why they were the best applicant for the job of an elf in Santa’s workshop.

Trainee, Lachlan, proved to be an elf superstar! He confidently showcased all that he has learnt in the SLES program, including how to make a good first impression, promote yourself and ultimately land your ideal job.

Afford’s SLES program is a supportive and fun learning environment for trainees to explore their interests and build their preparedness for the workforce. Find out more about the SLES program so you can land your ideal job.