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Staying connected with family and friends is important, so Lifestyle Assistants at Afford Group Homes  make every effort to support residents to maintain and strengthen those special bonds.

It’s Your Home

When you live in an Afford home – it’s your home. It’s a place where your privacy and your choices are respected.  Residents are encouraged to invite family and friends over for a BBQ, or to show them the decorations in their room, or simply get together for a catch-up chat.

Recently, Daniel from our Panthers home in Penrith welcomed his long time friend to see his place. The pair chatted and laughed together and talked about Daniel’s daily routine in his new home.

Maintaining Friendships

They talked about food, going out, shopping and going out to the movies, among other things. It was a great chance for the duo to reconnect and strengthen their friendship, and for Daniel to show his mate just how well he was doing living independently with support from Afford.

Living an independent lifestyle means that you can live the life you want and family visits are a great way to keep family up to date about what’s going on in your life. The phone and internet connections at Afford homes are always there for you to get in touch with loved ones whenever you want – that’s the Afford Lifestyle.