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Carmen is a very independent woman. She lives in Afford’s Dolphin Cove Group Home, where she lives life on her terms and is considered by others as the home’s social butterfly. She loves chatting with her housemates, as well as staff who are there around the clock if ever she needs a hand.

At work, Carmen is a dedicated employee. She works at Afford’s Minchinbury ADE (Australian Disability Enterprise) and enthusiastically completes her tasks.

This year, Carmen has set herself a new challenge. She wants to look for new job opportunities. She has always been interested in administration and receptionist roles, so she has decided to develop her skills through TAFE.

She spoke with Dolphin Cove home lifestyle assistant, Reeta, about her ambitions. They worked together to research a course that covered the topics and skills that Carmen needed to land her ideal job.

After looking through the various TAFE courses, Carmen found what she wanted. With support from Reeta, Carmen signed up to the online course for Certificate I in Access to Work and Training and got to work.

Over the next six months of the course, Carmen will enhance her reading and writing skills. She will learn how to communicate effectively and problem solve. The course will help her to set career goals and learn about tools and equipment found in the workplace.

The course involves both online study and TAFE NSW also sends out printed booklets for Carmen to complete.

In her usual style, Carmen will make a cup of tea and sit down at her computer to start her online study.

“Carmen is very focussed. She does most of the course content online by herself. If she needs us, she asks and we go through it together,” said Reeta, Afford Lifestyle Assistant.

So far, Carmen has learned about identifying problems and applying her knowledge to find a solution. She has covered topics about CPR and more.

“I’m really enjoying the course. I want to work in an office, and I’m learning a lot about different skills I need to find a job,” said Carmen.

The Afford Lifestyle is all about supporting residents to achieve their goals. With support when she needs it, Carmen can work towards her dream of working as a receptionist.

Lifestyle assistants are on hand to provide the encouragement she needs to be confident in her own abilities to reach her goal.

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