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The Afford Lifestyle is about us going above and beyond to support our residents live a happy and healthy life on their terms.

Our Lifestyle Assistants get to know the residents, their likes and personal goals and aspirations, to make sure they provide opportunities for them to achieve what they want out of life.

Lynette from our Butterflies Group Home loves getting out and about. She loves picnics and BBQs, listening to music – and dancing! – being out in the garden and more.


Supporting Residents to Try Something New

Recently, Lynette wanted to go out for her regular walking activity, but was keen to experience a different setting. With support from her Lifestyle Assistant, Kylie, Lynette enjoyed her walk by the water in Smith Park.

They went for a walk around the grounds and enjoyed the sunshine and cool breeze. Lynette saw people pushing prams with babies, people walking their dogs, people sitting on blankets under the shade of trees having a picnic and some chatting while they walked around.

After her walk, Lynette ate lunch at the park and while she was eating, some ducks came up to the table. Lynette was so excited and started talking to them. She then offered them some bread and loved hearing the different noises they were making.

“I’m happy cause there was so much to see and I loved feeding the ducks.” – Lynette, resident.


Lead a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

Our Empire residents also took advantage of the good weather and enjoyed some walking and exercise.

Matthew, Wesley, Jeremy and Steven are keen to keep fit and learn different exercise skills.

With the support of their Lifestyle Assistants, Vicky and Pauline, the four friends enjoy their walking program a few times a week. They stop off at the local park and use the exercise equipment and balance equipment, with staff supporting them to learn new skills and understand how the different equipment works.

Matthew stated that he likes using the different equipment.


In an Afford home, there will always be a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen bench to encourage healthy snacking. Our homes are located close to facilities, such as gyms, pools and recreation centres, to support residents to attend fitness sessions to keep active and healthy.

Afford homes are places where residents can focus on their personal aspirations and lead happy and healthy lives with support – That’s the Afford Lifestyle.


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