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The Afford Lifestyle is all about Afford supporting residents of Afford homes across Australia, to live the life they want, on their terms. It’s about having opportunities to get involved in activities you enjoy, make friends and go to places that you’ve always wanted to visit.

Get Out And About

For our residents of the Dolphin Cove home, the beautiful scenery of Katoomba was one such place that the three housemates, Mark, Colin and Brett, wanted to visit. So Afford’s Lifestyle Assistants began plans to make it happen!

The day began with a drive from the housemates’ home up to Echo Point in Katoomba. The hour long drive revealed many changes in the landscape. Beginning in a suburban setting, the landscape changed as the group travelled through smaller towns and then to more natural scenery of the Blue Mountains. The three friends, along with Afford staff, sang along to the radio to while away the time.

Explore the World Around You

Once the group had reached their Echo Point destination, they ventured out into the windy outdoors of the lookout to enjoy the view of the Three Sisters in all it natural magnificence. Despite the windy weather, the friends enjoyed checking out the vast forested hills and the lovely surrounds of the lookout.

Then, the group headed to Katoomba Town Centre for a look around before a short stop at Leura.

After that, they all enjoyed a final stop at Emu Plains for a pub lunch at O’Donoghues Irish Pub – a welcome stop after a windy adventure!

Explore more of the world you in an Afford home. You will make life-long friendships and can enjoy all the supports delivered by The Afford Lifestyle in a home you can call your own.

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