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Following a successful resume writing workshop at Liverpool Library a few months ago, our Ingleburn SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) trainees are now job hunting to find their perfect job.

Get Ready for the Workforce

Afford’s SLES program is all about preparing young school leavers for the workforce. Throughout the program, trainees are provided a range of opportunities to develop their skills in workplace management, resume writing, interview techniques and much more.

Trainees also get many behind-the-scene looks into different industries through SLES industry visits, where they visit a workplace such as a restaurant, nursing home, car wash and more, to speak directly with the managers and owners to find out what jobs are available and the roles and responsibilities of various roles.

After all this training and workplace preparation, SLES trainees are now armed with the knowledge and tools they need to get out into the workforce.

Be Confident to Find Your Dream Job

With a bundle of resumes in hand, trainees, Clayton, Nick, Hannah, Stella and Kerem, headed out to Macarthur Square with their trainer to approach the various businesses in the shopping complex to find out about job vacancies.

This experience helped each trainee develop their communication skills, but also improved the self confidence in applying for jobs.

The great news is that as a result of this concentrated job seeking expedition which spanned two full days of talking to businesses at Macarthur Square, two SLES trainees will be starting work experience with Coles in the coming weeks.

This is a fantastic results for trainees! They have taken the first step towards finding their ideal job and being active members of the workforce.

Find out more about Afford’s SLES program to help you find your dream job.