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Animal companions help us stress less, get more exercise and they have a special power to keep us happy! So, it’s no surprise that pet adoptions across Australia have skyrocketed since the introduction of isolation measures.

Like many Aussies, our Group Home residents have also discovered the benefits of four-legged friends, with some new pet-pals more unusual than others.

Enjoy Your Interests

At the Bluebird and Nowra homes, residents now enjoy the pitter and patter of soft pawed feet around their home. The new, fluffy rabbits have enclosures outside that rest on the grass so they can chew on greens whenever they like.

Residents take turns to care for the bunnies by giving them food and water. Of course, cuddles are plentiful with everyone loving to cuddle up with their new fur-buddies.

Make Your Own Choices

Unlike your usual canine or feline animal companions, Bianca at the Glen Alpine Group Home has opted for a more exotic pet. A lizard! She set up the enclosure in her home, complete with a decorative cow skull. Bianca has learned all about what her lizard likes to eat and how to care for it. She even takes it out to rest on her shoulder or hand while they watch TV together.

The ladies at the Butterflies Group Home have taken a slightly different approach to having animals around. With support, they built and decorated a beautiful wooden birdhouse. Afford staff then attached it high up in their backyard tree. Now the ladies can enjoy visits from native wildlife every day.

The Afford Lifestyle supports residents to make informed choices. Lifestyle Assistants are there to help residents understand all aspects of their choices, such as the responsibility that comes with owning a pet.

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