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As Mark Twain once said: “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” It’s that idea that catapulted Toby’s interest in gardening, into a business!

While enjoying some extra time at his Afford Group Home, Toby realised that his passion lies in being in the garden, and especially mowing lawns. You’ll often find him tinkering with a lawnmower or getting dirty weeding and watering.

Help When You Need It

Toby asked Lifestyle Assistants at his home for advice about starting a business. He has always dreamed of turning his passion for the outdoors into something more. With Afford support, he knew it would become a reality.

His mother sent him a personalised hat to promote his new venture. In colourful, bold letters, the hat reads ‘Toby’s Lawn Mowing’. Now, everyone knows that his business is up and running!

Afford Creates Opportunities for Independent Living

Next, he needed some customers. Toby’s Dolphin Cove Group Home in Penrith is one of 40 group homes built by Afford in partnership with the NSW State Government’s Family and Community Services – Ageing Disability and Home Care (ADHC). The residences support people with disability to enjoy choice and independence to live life their way under the NDIS.

Four years on and a strong community has grown. Toby asked his neighbours if they were interested in his services and they jumped at the chance to have him tend to their front yards.

Toby’s services include mowing, weeding, edging, and gardening. All the things that many of us consider chores, Toby loves to do!

Turn Your Passion into Something More

As a start-up special, Toby is offering his services for free. Yes, he loves gardening THAT much! He hopes word of mouth will encourage more people in the community to ask him to cut their grass and care for their yards.

As his business grows, he will work out a fee to charge for his services. His long-term goal is to earn enough money to go on a cruise with Afford Getaways.

Tips: Want some tips to get your lawn in tip-top shape?

  1. Water deeply, not often.
  2. Remove weeds.
  3. Boost your soil for optimum growth.
  4. Keep up the mowing.
Read Handyman Magazine’s article: 6 tips to grow greener grass.

The Afford Lifestyle supports residents to achieve their goals. Whether they want to develop independent living skills, get involved in activities they love, or become an entrepreneur like Toby, Afford staff are there to help residents live the life they want under the NDIS.

Find out more about Afford Group Homes and how the Afford Lifestyle can support you to achieve your goals for home, work and in life.