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Building business knowledge is important in preparing school leavers for the workforce. Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) program provides many opportunities for trainees to extend their knowledge of business practices. This training gives them the best start in employment.

Participate in Industry Visits with SLES

Our SLES Marrickville site is very fortunate to be located not far from Sydney’s CBD. Being close to the city gives our trainees such a wide variety of opportunities to experience and visit local workplaces.

Dymocks is the largest book store in the Southern Hemisphere. It has been a successful retail store for 90 years. So, it is fitting that our trainees get a glimpse into the everyday workings of a successful business and expand their knowledge, to then put it into practice.

Trainees Jason, Freya, and Anna, along with Conner, a trainee from Prestons SLES, were invited to go on a tour of the front and back sections of the Dymocks store in George Street, Sydney.

Explore Many Work Opportunities

Store Manager, Anthony, led trainees around the various departments. They looked through the stationery, gifts, games, jigsaw puzzles, books, and special orders sections. Such variety in one store!

Anthony explained how Dymocks retailed different types of books. He also discussed the large quantities of books that are displayed. He discussed how the books are arranged in the store to make it easy for customers to come in and find the product.

Anna, Freya, Jason and Conner immersed themselves in learning about Dymocks retail store.

They then had the rare opportunity of being taken into the back room. This is where books are first received, as well as the Dymocks’ online order department.

Learn about the Tricks of the Trade

Trainees experienced using the ‘dumb waiter’ to send books to the relevant levels of the store. A dumbwaiter is a small freight elevator or lift that can carry objects to different levels. It was a new experience for everyone which outlined ways in which businesses improve efficiencies.

One goal for a visit to Dymocks, was for trainees to add practical knowledge to their learning of ‘working as a team’.

This theme was touched on throughout the visit, as they were shown examples of how the book store departments relied on each other to fulfil tasks. This was taken to another level, when trainees realised that stores in Australia also rely on overseas team members to supply books for orders.

Realise Your Work Dreams

Anna’s dream is to be part of a workplace that involves books. To her delight, the visit to Dymocks allowed her to build on her industry terminology. She can now use this information to help her in her Certificate III Library studies.

Anna finished the tour asking the store manager some very relevant questions, such as ‘how do the books get to Dymocks?’  We all learnt that some books came by plane, but most arrived by ship from America, and also England.

Conner finished his visit by using the Book Search to locate a Lonely Planet travel book to purchase and take home.

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