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Trevor regularly attends Kings Park Day Program and is an Affordian through and through, having been with our organisation for around 15 years.

For Trevor, keeping active and engaged is the key to happiness. He enjoys taking part in activities and keeping his mind and body active. Without this stimulation, Trevor can struggle with managing his behaviour or begin to feel anxious.

Get Support to Achieve Your Goals

Staff at Kings Park Day Program work in partnership with Trevor and his family to ensure that he has support to achieve his goals for life under the NDIS.

An Art Therapy Program has been established, which particularly includes some of the art projects that Trevor enjoys.

Tapping into the creative process of making art can enhance a person’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. The expression of one’s self through art can help to resolve issues, manage behaviours and feelings, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and awareness.

As Thomas Merton explains: “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Explore Your Interests

As part of the Kings Park Art Therapy Program, Trevor has access to a range of art and craft supplies with paints and colouring pencils among his favourites.

Trevor takes his time with his artwork and he colours within the lines to the best of his ability. He loves to paint with lots of vibrant colours and patterns. He uses an easel to mount his artwork to make it easier for him to paint. His recent painting of water lilies on a lake was exceptional! It showed great skill in using paint, texture and layers to achieve the final masterpiece.

Through art therapy, Trevor has been able to truly explore his creativity! Not only does he paint and colour, but he also creates collages! He cuts out pictures from magazines to stick on paper. One of the collages Trevor produced told a story about farms, produce and some of the things he likes to eat.

Trevor spends hours on his artwork. He has found an activity that he loves and that helps him not only to express his creativity, but also to relieve his stress and stay calm.

Afford is There to Support You

Afford staff are passionate about supporting every individual to live the life they have always wanted. Programs are tailored specifically to suit the needs and abilities of each client to ensure they have the right supports to achieve their goals under the NDIS.

Find out more about how Afford Day Programs integrate programs and activities to suit the needs of clients to let their abilities soar!