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Clients of Afford’s Guildford Day Program have become masters in the game of Bocce. With practice and persistence, Paul, Theresa, Mapa, Grace, Samer, and Stuart, have played the game of Bocce throughout the winter months.

Build Your Skills and Confidence

They have committed to developing their skills and working as a team to always play their best.

In recognition of their efforts, last week, the team was awarded trophies during the Annual Club Championships Presentation and dinner at the Marconi Club in Sydney’s West.

Bocce may look simple, but it requires skill, precision and the know-how to bowl the ball just right to make the winning move.

Originally an Italian game, Bocce is similar to bowls but is played on a shorter, narrower sand lane. The Guildford Day Program friends play once a week in the upstairs section of the Marconi Club.

Immerse Yourself in Your Local Community

Not only does the team enjoy playing the game of  Bocce, they also look forward to mingling with the other patrons of the club every week.

Bocce enables the players to learn about working as a team to achieve the same goal. They also develop their fine and gross motor skills through practice and play. Significantly, they get exercise every week by walking up and down the lane to collect their balls.

Achieve Your Goals – Let Your Abilities Soar!

At the presentation evening, everyone was proud of all they had accomplished. With support and encouragement from their Lifestyle Assistants to go to practice and games every week, the team has participated in an activity they love that positively impacts their overall physical and mental wellbeing.

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