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Getting involved in the local community is integral in how Afford supports residents enjoy the Afford Lifestyle.

Each and every day, our residents are supported to live the life they want and to get involved in activities that make them feel happy.

Getting Involved in the Community

For our residents at True Blue home in Penrith, NSW, contributing towards a local community garden brings great joy and satisfaction to these enthusiastic green thumbs.

Michael, Graeme and Peter are now active members of the community garden at Thornton Estate. They have lovingly nurtured vegetable seedlings through the hot summer days; diligently watering them and nurturing them to be strong enough to then transplant into the community garden.

It was a special day for the trio when they took their seedlings to the new community garden and planted them in the veggie patch for the first time.

Working Together for the Same Goal

Along with other members of the community, Michael, Graeme and Peter laid out the mulch, planted the seedlings and water them.

Enhancing Skills

Maintaining a community garden takes great patience, a willingness to work with others, good coordination and a love of nature. These are all characteristics that our residents have developed during their time in an Afford home with encouragement and support from Lifestyle Assistants when they need it.

Thornton Community Garden is a great initiative that will benefit all of the locals that live around Thornton Estate.

The garden will enable Afford residents and the wider community to develop organic gardening skills and learn more about caring for the environment; provide a place to source fresh, nutritious produce; build sustainability; build a beautiful and communal learning space where everyone is welcome to come together and socialise.

The garden will be a place to embrace cultural diversity and champion inclusivity for all people in the local community.

Afford is pleased to be a partner is the establishment of this community garden for all to enjoy.