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Who doesn’t love a nice day out with friends? At Afford, our Group Home residents enjoy many outings to road trips and hikes where they enjoy the great outdoors and have a laugh with their friends. Just recently, True Blue residents took a lovely road trip to Wiseman’s Ferry and had a picnic near the river. The sun was out and they enjoyed a nice walk and soaked in the atmosphere from the lookout.

The day out was a lot of fun for everyone, giving our residents a chance to relax and enjoy their surroundings in a supported environment with Afford’s Lifestyle Assistants.

Our staff are always on hand to support clients in organising and planning day trips, whether this includes cooking for a picnic, travel training or researching locations to visit on the internet. Every outing is not only enjoyable, but also a learning experience.

One of our residents, Kenneth said “I loved the trip out to Wisemans Ferry, especially the look out and having a picnic near the river.”