Meet Robin

Robin has lived in Shared Living with since 2010. He has connected with carers and other residents and developed new skills and abilities, giving him greater confidence to complete more tasks on his own. He now actively seeks out activities that suit his interests and works three days a week.

Meet George

Chipping Norton Lifestyle Centre

George is a happy young man, with a heart of gold but is sometimes shy but once he gets to know you he is a real chamber by telling everyone that they are beautiful. George loves to sing, he loves to wear the color black but here at Chipping Norton we have managed to get […]

Meet Alex

Lurnea Lifestyle Centre

Alex is an energetic young man who enjoys being supported in developing his artistic skills in dance, music, art, and sporting activities such as football, soccer and tennis. Alex loves going out on community outings with his peers. He particularly enjoys participating in laser skirmish, bowling and going to the gym. Alex is currently preparing […]

Meet Daniel

TTW (Transition to Work)

A conscientious and driven young man, Daniel joined the Afford TTW Program as an early school leaver. Through the Transition to Work Program, Daniel has been able to enhance his communication abilities and follow his interests, one of which was learning new skills with tools. He became involved in many hands on projects and completed a […]

Meet Nicole

Mt Druitt Lifestyle Centre

Afford and Nicole’s family have been awed watching Nicole shift from an anxious and introverted girl to an incredibly confident young woman. Nicole has formed meaningful friendships with many of her peers at the Lifestyle Centre, where she actively participates in programs and activities and is often the first to give something a go. Nicole […]

Meet Kevin

Green Valley Lifestyle Centre

When Kevin joined at Green Valley Lifestyle Centre he refused to socialise with other around him, choosing now to communicate and rarely participated in fun site activities. Fast forward 5 years later, and Kevin is a totally different man. Socialising is Kevin’s favourite thing to do! He knows all of his peers and staff and […]

Meet Cameron

Penrith Lifestyle Centre

Mondays are Cameron’s favourite day of the week because he spends them all at his favourite place – Penrith Library. Here Afford Lifestyle Assistants facilitate and Education Program where Cameron works on his computer skills that he takes back to the Lifestyle Centre and home. If Cameron’s feeling hungry, they’ll also stop for a cuppa […]

Meet Aaron

Jamisontown Lifestyle Centre

Aaron is one of Afford’s sporting legends – he was selected to represent Australia in the Asian Pacific Special Olympic Games where he won gold for the 50m freestyle (also PB!) and Bronze in the Relay Team. When he isn’t busy inter-city, inter-state and internationally swimming, Aaron loves coming to Jamisontown Lifestyle Centre to hang […]

Meet Harry

Belmore Lifestyle Centre

Over the past 12 months, Afford has supported Harry to lose 11 kilos through a combination of Healthy Cooking Lessons and the Club Afford fitness group. Afford’s Lifestyle Assistants have been a helping hand in this process, with Harry giving his fitness goal his all and inspiring his peers and staff with his determination. Harry […]

Meet Renee

Afford Employment - Blacktown

Renee joined Afford Employment in 2014 after experiencing considerable instability early in life. Working with Afford Employment, doors soon opened for Renee. After working in retail, she enrolled in a Diploma of Banking Services, Management, Business and Finance at TAFE. Not only did Renee complete her Diploma, she topped her course for the year and […]

Meet Daniel

Ashfield Lifestyle Centre

Daniel loves all things Disney, his own company, iPads and a routine. Changes can be challenging for Daniel, so getting him to try new things can be tricky. When Daniel first joined at Ashfield Lifestyle Centre he was not comfortable participating in any activities, at times not even wanting to stay in separate rooms. After […]

Meet Dane

Kings Park Lifestyle Centre

Dane is a treasure who will win your heart with his voice. Dane loves to sing, especially love songs from other eras. Dane lives with his sister who also attends King Park Lifestyle Centre, which is often treated to theatrical skits by the pair. A triple-threat, Dane also plays the Ukelele and the accordion quite […]

Meet Abdullah and Abdulrahman

Guildford Lifestyle Centre

When twins Abdullah and Abdulrahman initially joined Afford, both were very shy and not sure what to expect in their transition from school to Afford’s Life Skills Program.  For the first little while, both boys would shy away in public and avoid interaction with others in the community and at the community hub. Through Life […]

Meet Keryn

Blacktown Lifestyle Centre

Keryn loves to be part of the group at the Lifestyle Centre and enjoys a variety of activities including art and craft, cooking, swimming, dancing and outings. Keryn was recently part of the Youth Leadership Program conducted between Blacktown Lifestyle Centre and the Toastmasters. During this program had the opportunity to develop her speaking skills […]

Meet Mahmoud

From Condell Park

Afford has helped Mahmoud express himself through art and community. Mahmoud is a lovely man with an infectious smile and inspires others to follow their dreams and live life to the fullest. He is so passionate about visual arts that he has created 15 artworks so far, four of which were displayed at UWS’s Bankstown […]