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Affordians in Queensland and Victoria have kicked off the festive season by coming together for some amazing Christmas party celebrations.

Happy Memories to Cherish

In true Afford style, each of the Christmas parties was full of fun, great activities and created many happy memories with friends and family.

Melbourne Clients Head to the Zoo

Melbourne clients, carers and parents headed to Melbourne Zoo to go wild with their celebrations! Not only were attendees in the super cool zoo environment where they could hear a blend of different animal sounds, but they also enjoyed fun activities!

In their private room attendees had the chance to dance and sing karaoke to their heart’s delight. They also had some hands-on activities with gingerbread making – yum!

Celebrations and Sensory Experiences

After lunch, everyone headed out to explore more of the zoo. The Butterfly House was a big favourite for everyone. Walking around, small, colourful butterflies would dance around the heads of our Affordians. Some attendees even had butterflies landing on them!

After such a sensory experience in the Butterfly House, Affordians finished their celebrations with a delicious ice-cream.

Celebrate with Friends and Family in Queensland

Moving north to Queensland, over 100 clients, parents, and carers headed to Logan Diggers to get the party started. There was Christmas karaoke, lots of dancing and face painting. What fun! Plus, everyone enjoyed a three-course meal and spent time chatting with each other about all that has happened throughout the year.

To capture every lovely memory of this great event, Affordians could also have their photo taken at the photo booth. Many dressed up and had fun with the photos and laughed the day away!

And of course, Santa and Mrs. Claus made an appearance as well! It was a perfect opportunity for attendees to tell Santa all their last Christmas wishes!

Now that Queensland and Victoria have set the bar high for joyous, festive celebrations, the teams from New South Wales are sure to continue the fun and more at their upcoming Christmas parties.

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