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Victoria joined Afford’s Cherrywood Day Program in the middle of 2018 and was quite a reserved and shy young lady.

 Less than one year later, Victoria has made strong friendships at Cherrywood and is now more enthusiastic about getting involved in conversation and activities with the staff and other clients at the site.

 When she first came to Afford, Victoria wasn’t keen on engaging in activities and programs. At the time, she was content to keep to herself and observe from the sidelines.

 We Get To Know What Our Clients Enjoy

Over the weeks and months, after Victoria was welcomed to the Afford community, staff tried many different approaches and strategies to engage with Victoria. They learned more about her interests and the things matter most to her.

 As time passed, staff have witnessed a real change in Victoria’s attitude. She now feels comfortable talking about her emotions. She gets excited when she knows that a different program is coming up.

 Victoria actively engages with Afford staff and asks about the activities that will be done.

“What art things are we doing?”

 Build Your Confidence and Independence

Now, Victoria is taking ownership of what she wants to do and communicates her feelings about different activities. She is genuinely interested in discovering more about how she can use her skills to complete different art and craft activities, or get involved in group sessions.

 But her most significant progress has been the growth in her self-confidence and independence. When she first joined Afford, Victoria would request to be pushed around in her wheelchair.

 Today, Victoria asks staff to get her walker and she is confident in getting around on her own.

 This is an amazing transformation for Victoria! She has blossomed into a confident and resilient woman who now enjoys being an active participant in activities. She is confident to now try new things and has the choice to lead the life she wants to live.

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