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Last Thursday morning, clients from Chipping Norton Day Program were very excited to learn that they would be receiving a visit from an old four legged friend called, Liam.

Liam is a horse that lives at Warwick Farm, who met the clients of the Chipping Norton Day Program one afternoon when he and his owner, Joanne, were out for a leisurely ride.

Joanne was riding past the Day Program when she noticed everyone out the front. She decided to bring Liam over to say hello. Everyone instantly fell in love with Liam and his placid nature. Since then Liam has been visiting Chipping Norton for years and loves having a pat and a munch on some carrots (one of his favourite snacks) every time he visits.

Liam’s easy-going nature and the fact that he has been visiting the Chipping Norton Day Program for several years, means that he is familiar with the surroundings and is able to remain calm and comfortable to allow Afford clients to approach him to interact.

Animals provide therapy to Afford clients and can help clients learn to deal with social interactions and situations, build relationships, as well as sensory touching and feeling.