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To say that Paul and Ryan had a great time at the Waterfront Festival in Melbourne, would be an understatement. The two mates had excitement plastered over their faces from the instant they stepped onto the festival ground, to the moment they left.

Have Fun Your Way

The day featured a lot of rides, games, a coffee stop and their very own celebrity moment taking over the Channel Nine news. Paul and Ryan had a sensational day out in the community, which strengthened their friendship even more.

The duo are residents in Afford’s Narre Warren home in Victoria and are always keen to go out to explore the rest of their amazing city.

Community Access

When news that the Waterfront Festival was being held, it was all thumbs up from Paul and Ryan to head out and check out the Frankston event. Along with their Afford staff, Adriana and Daniel, Paul and Ryan were ready and eager to get involved in as much as possible.

Held on the Frankston Waterfront, the festival had loads of things to see and do. There were rides, market stalls, and great fun and games, including side-show games where Ryan scored a toy for winning!

Music was playing throughout the day, which made a great backdrop for the friends to sit back on comfy lounge chairs and relax after a coffee stop.

Enjoy New Experiences

But for Paul and Ryan, meeting some of their favourite celebs was the highlight of the day. They met players from the Melbourne City Football Club. They even had the chance to be part of the action on the red carpet for Married at First Sight. But it was taking over as Channel 9 news reporters that really made Paul and Ryan excited.

Sitting at the news desk, they put on their best ‘reporter voices’ to deliver the latest news and current affairs. They thought it was very cool to have the chance to feel like a reporter.

“Paul and Ryan are very outgoing individuals and they love being out and about in the community. They have become really good friends and they share similar interests, so it’s always a pleasure to support them do the things they enjoy,” said Josh, Team Leader of Afford Cranbourne and Narre Warren homes.

Live Independently with Support When You Need It

Paul and Ryan love the independence that living in an Afford home brings. They make the most of all the benefits of The Afford Lifestyle and live life the way they want. They get to access community events and attractions when they want, with an Afford van on-site ready to take them wherever they want to go. They’re also learning about healthy life choices and staying active.

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