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Time at home can be fun, educational and rewarding. Wesley is a resident at Afford’s Empire group home in NSW, who adores his arts and crafts activities. He has been part of the Afford community for over 15 years and although he doesn’t say too much, Afford staff and his housemates know exactly what he is saying and feeling through the artistic masterpieces he creates!

Explore Your Interests

Wesley’s expression through art is something that staff at his home are thrilled to support. Whenever Wesley is painting, sculpting or drawing, staff know that he is doing what he loves. His concentration is like no other and some of the pieces that he produces are worthy of display in a gallery.

Recently, Afford’s Empire group home had a piece of art equipment, called a Super Graph, donated to their site for use by residents.

Wesley was the first to try out the Super Graph and his persistence to understand how the equipment works to create his final picture is beyond amazing.

The Super Graph requires a person to look through an eyepiece, using only one eye. A picture is then placed into the picture support and a blank piece of paper set on the desk in front of the artist.

Looking through the eyepiece, a mirror within the Super Graph allows the artist to see the blank piece of paper, with a ghosted version of the picture that they want to draw. So, then it’s up to the artist to trace around the image they see, to draw their desired picture. But, it’s not just limited to flat 2D pictures. You can even draw 3D objects using the Super Graph!

Do the Things You Love

For Wesley, this is exactly where his interests lie. After only a few weeks of having the Super Graph at his home, he has already shown that he is willing and determined to spend time working on drawing pictures.

The Afford Lifestyle

With such a keen interest to do more on the Super Graph, the staff at the Empire group home are now supporting Wesley to find other pictures that interest him to use with his new artistic tool.

Wesley is a remarkable artist. The staff and his housemates thought that one of his artworks was so good, that they mounted it on the wall for everyone to see and appreciate. The artwork is a painting of the sky. Then, using wall decals and stickers, Wesley has added to his masterpiece, so it looks as if the balloons are floating into the sky. It brightens up the home, and everyone’s day!

Aside from his keen interest in art, Wesley is always willing to help around the home. One of Wesley’s NDIS goals is to develop his independent living skills. With support, Wesley lends a hand around his home whenever and wherever he can.

He cooks in the kitchen, helps with grocery shopping and even brings his creativity into the garden by nurturing the succulent plants for everyone in the house to enjoy.

Wesley is truly a loved member of the Empire household and gets on all with all of his housemates. With support, Wesley can live life on his terms and get involved in the things that he loves and develop his skills in so many ways.

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