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Watch out Backstreet Boys – we’ve got our own boyband in the making.

Three participants from our SLES program got together for a performance like no other at Afford’s Got Talent, they performed Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” in sign language.

Jarrod had the idea to dedicate a song for his girlfriend. How romantic!

Then Brenton who had learnt sign language at school too decided to join in. Now all they needed was the third member to make their trip complete and they were lucky to find Jean!

It took a lot of hard work and dedication to get this performance perfected. To refresh their knowledge of sign language, the SLES staff members helped them practise. They found the key signs from some reputable websites and began rehearsing regularly. It was an enjoyable experience for staff who helped out.

The trio performed first for their SLES team and got some helpful feedback and then continued adding more interesting ideas to the table, like throwing the roses to the crowd.

Their performance at Afford’s Got Talent was amazing and they really got the crowd involved.

The girls loved it, obviously! Who wouldn’t like to be serenaded with roses?