Image for Club Afford Blown Away By Kiama

Club Afford Blown Away By Kiama

Club Afford is a membership-based social group that encourages individuals to explore the community. Club Afford is all about making friends, having fun and nurturing a positive mindset and wellbeing. It’s about getting involved in activities that you have always wanted to try ...
Image for The SLES Childcare Challenge

The SLES Childcare Challenge

Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) program focusses on giving trainees a taste of what it is like to work in a particular industry. The program offers trainees the chance to explore their interests in a variety of work situations to see if it is the rig...
Image for Dance, Art and Tournaments in Victoria

Dance, Art and Tournaments in Victoria

Faced with more time indoors, our Victorian Supported Accommodation residents have taken the opportunity to reflect on the positives, learn new skills and strengthen their friendships. Unable to attend day program, Paul and Ryan from their home have been enjoying activities at their hom...
Image for Working Towards a Healthy Heart

Working Towards a Healthy Heart

A healthy heart is a happy heart, and today, on World Heart Day (29th September), we’re sharing some of the little ways that Affordians are working towards heart health. Choose Healthy Snacks and Meals Healthy meal and snack options are encouraged across a...
Image for Men’s Day to Share

Men’s Day to Share

A day out kicking the footy at the local park may not sound like much to some people. For Tom, Kerem, Matt, Connor, David, Ahmad and Caylon, a day out together is just what they need to help break down any emotional or mental barriers to feel safe to share their feelings and develop lasting friendships. Tom, Kerem, Matt, Connor, David, Ah...