Image for Bailey Punches through Lockdown

Bailey Punches through Lockdown

The key to a healthy mind and body is staying active. This is Bailey’s new motto while he, along with many other Melbournians, face lockdown. Bailey lives in an Afford Supported Accommodation in Pakenham. At his home, Bailey is used to living life how he wants with support if / wh...
Image for Zoo Life and Learning

Zoo Life and Learning

At Afford, staff integrate educational and sensory experiences to encourage individuals to explore new activities, manage a variety of different social situations and participate in activities that bring enjoyment to their lives. Thanks to the introduction of more all abilities inclusions at Sydney Zoo...
Image for When One-to-One Gets Creative

When One-to-One Gets Creative

“I’m Hayley, Jess’s Lifestyle Assistant. I don’t like to call myself that though because I see Jess as a friend and I think that’s how Jess sees me too.”  Hayley is a lifestyle assistant at Afford’s Southport Day Program in Queensland. She and Jess have formed a strong friends...
Image for Eagle Vale Proves Fitness is for Everyone

Eagle Vale Proves Fitness is for Everyone

Walking is an easy and free way to maintain fitness for a healthy lifestyle. Tayla and Jessica live in their Afford Group Home in Eagle Vale. With support from their lifestyle assistants, the ladies are keeping to a regular walking routine and benefiting from improved physical fitness and over...
Image for Sky High at Tambourine Mountain

Sky High at Tambourine Mountain

Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s Affordians! Viewing the world from the treetops. The team from Miami Day Program in Queensland headed out to Skywalk at Tambourine Mountain for a day of bushland vistas and fun with friends. It’s not ev...