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There’s no better place to be on an Australian summer day, than in the cool, refreshing water. So that’s exactly where Mathew from Afford’s Oran Park Day Program set out to explore!

Mathew loves the water and has always wanted to get into the water play areas at nearby parks. Now, Mathew can enjoy feeling refreshing water splash on and around him, with Camden Council providing water wheelchairs for public use at their local water play area.

 Realise Your Dreams

A while ago, the Afford team at Oran Park Day Program put Mathew’s name on the waiting list to access one of these specially designed water wheelchairs. Mathew was super excited when his chance to test out the new equipment finally arrived.

 Find the Supports Your Need

The water wheelchairs are available at Camden Council’s three wet play areas at Curry Reserve Water Play Space. The wet wheelchairs were designed by a team of specialist paramedics and tested and approved by people with restricted mobility. There are child and adult size all-terrain wheelchairs available.

As soon as he was supported into the wheelchair, Mathew’s excitement and happiness were instant. His smile spread right across his face and he couldn’t hold in his joy at being able to play in the water area.

Mathew was supported to go through the water fountains and watch the water spurt up towards him. He loved waiting with anticipation under the buckets that tip over when they are full of water and was so happy when he felt the waterfall over his head.

Mathew commented: “It was soooooo much fun”!

 Achieve Your NDIS Goals

One of Mathew’s personal goals is to get out and about in the community. With support from his Lifestyle Assistant, Mathew has been able to get involved in the activities offered by his local community with supports to suit his needs.

Afford goes above and beyond to help every individual enjoy all the beauty, fun and activity that their community and Australia has to offer.

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