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“I’m Hayley, Jess’s Lifestyle Assistant. I don’t like to call myself that though because I see Jess as a friend and I think that’s how Jess sees me too.” 

Hayley is a lifestyle assistant at Afford’s Southport Day Program in Queensland. She and Jess have formed a strong friendship since Jess joined the Afford community a little over a year ago.

When COVID-19 halted community activities in Queensland earlier this year, Jess chose one-to-one supports in her home, with Hayley as her regular support person.

The duo soon became good friends. They realised that they share common interests and a good sense of humour. They both love art and craft and both admit a love of binge-watching the Vampire Diaries and Legacies TV series.

Through one-to-one support with Afford, Jess can get involved in the things she most enjoys. There has been no shortage of engaging art activities for the duo to try.

“I’ve been doing art since year 6. I started an art class and did that until year 8. I then just continued creating and learning at home. I really like using graphite and I love to draw tigers,” explained Jess to Hayley one day.

Together, Jess and Hayley have done almost every creative project imaginable including origami, needle felting and fabric painting. Many of these projects saw Jess become the teacher and Hayley the enthusiastic student.

“We’ve done crayon drawings, fabric painting, needle felting, rubber twist band bracelets and more. Jess is the one teaching me all the tricks of the trade. She’s amazing!” said Hayley.

Jess’ creative passion also led her to do a beauty course. Jess decided on an online beauty course that allows her to study and complete activities at her own pace.

Hayley was happy to be Jess’ test subject for the various practical assignments, with Hayley enjoying having her nails done. Jess is so good she could almost be considered a pro.

One-to-one support has allowed Jess to explore her creativity. With Hayley for support, if she needs it, Jess can do the things she loves and develop her skills.

More importantly, Jess knows that she has a friend in Hayley that will be by her side to support and encourage her in whatever she hopes to achieve in life.

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