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Developing skills to use technology for education and fun was introduced to clients at Windsor Day Program thanks to funding from Windsor RSL through the Hawkesbury Club Grants Funding Scheme.

The funding allowed for the purchase of five new iPads to give more clients opportunities to engage with and learn about technology.

An Afford allied health speech pathologist supported the team at Windsor to set up communication apps.

The new equipment will give individuals the ability to work on their skills. They are developing their knowledge of using technology and accessing apps. For some, it is the first time they have interacted with smart technology.

To start their digital journey, Afford staff supported clients to use the communication software installed on the iPads. Then, they put their skills to the test by only using their iPads to communicate with each other.

At first, some clients found the process a little daunting. With support from their lifestyle assistants, everyone’s confidence grew and they felt comfortable navigating around the iPads and practising their new skills.

Together, they have used the iPads to look up recipes for their cooking program. They refer to ingredients and instructions that are displayed on their devices while they prepare their meals.

With new-found confidence in using technology, clients are also using the iPads to research things that interest them.

Thanks to funding from Windsor RSL, Windsor Day Program clients have developed valuable life skills. These new skills for the use of technology and communication have made them more independent so they can live life on their terms.