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Windsor Day Program clients love their weekly Music Therapy program and they’ve picked up a few new instruments this year, whether it’s the tambourine, the bells or the guitar. Some have been warming up their singing voices all ready to go for Afford’s Got Talent.

Yes, that’s right! The group from Windsor Day Programs are enthusiastically rehearsing for their performance at Afford’s Got Talent, our annual talent show that lets clients showcase their talents and abilities.Music therapy has proved to become a very popular program with our clients, not only does it relax and enhance mental health, but also provides an opportunity for them to learn a new instrument.

The group will be performing “Let’s Move it move it” together with each person playing the instrument they’ve been practicing and also a couple of people singing.

The grant from Nordoff Robins Music Therapy has allowed many of our Day Program sites to offer Music Therapy to our clients. For some clients who were previously reserved or hesitant to participate in programs, music has really opened them up and given them an avenue to express themselves. The music therapist has been very helpful in guiding the clients through their new instruments and taking them through the program.

We’re so excited to finally watch the group perform their ensemble at Afford’s Go Talent, Go Windsor!!