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Work experience is an important part of the job-seeking process. Our SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Program trainees are supported to find employment opportunities that interest them and allow them to engage with the wider community.

Work Experience To Taste Work Life

Two of our Prestons SLES trainees, Sarah and Bianca, were keen to work in retail. So their trainers used their networks and connections with employers to secure work experience at Best and Less in Liverpool. For the next eight weeks, the ladies will attend work experience at the Best and Less store for one day a week and learn valuable skills to manage working in the retail industry.

On their first day, the trainees were supported to participate in an induction and discussed the tasks they would be doing throughout the day. The trainees were very attentive during the induction and showed a lot of interest in what the store representative had to say.

Even though Sarah and Bianca experienced some first day nerves, they pushed themselves to try hard in every aspect of their roles, including greeting and helping customers.

Having Support Helps Grow Confidence

With each day of work experience they complete, the ladies will grow in confidence and independence.

During their daily morning communications session with other SLES trainees, Sarah and Bianca talked about all the things they did during their work experience at Best and Less and gave other trainees and insight into their working day.

Bianca mentioned how nervous she was on her first day, but how much she now looks forward to going back to continue her work experience. Some of her favourite things to do at Best and Less include welcoming the customers, talking with mums and helping them find the right sizes in the clothes and working with the other Best and Less employees.

Bianca described her work experience as “awesome” and spoke about how she would love to work at Best and Less.

Ongoing Support from SLES Trainers

Bianca is now being supported back at SLES to practice how she could approach the store manager to ask about applying for a job in the store. Trainers are also helping Bianca to prepare her resume and cover letter to get ready to apply for the job.

Sarah also talked about being nervous with other trainees. But she admits she feels more confident to start conversations now. Sarah feels that doing the work experience has given her the chance to work on her communication skills and she now can see herself working in retail.

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