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The start of the year is always an exciting time for our SLES school leavers, because the year ahead presents many opportunities to explore their interests to find a job that’s right for them.

Seeking Out Work Experience

Recently, our Minchinbury SLES trainees embarked on a work experience road trip, visiting potential workplaces in an effort to secure work experience placements.

Building Confidence

Encouraging trainees to seek out their own work experience opportunities is a great way to build confidence in interacting in a professional context, gaining experience in meeting potential employers, and taking responsibility for securing work experience opportunities on their own.

The first step in the process was for trainees to reflect on their employment goals and research places where they could learn new skills through work experience placements in their local areas.

Once everyone had their unique list of potential placements, the SLES trainer mapped out destinations and made up a road trip plan; marking out stops and the best route to take.

Along with their trainer, trainees visited a range of businesses across Western Sydney.

Everyone was in high spirits to start off on their work experience road trip. Motivational music was played to pump up the team and trainees practiced their firm handshakes so they made a good first impression instantly.

Trainees took turns visiting their chosen workplaces. At each stop, trainees introduced themselves and used their communication skills to confidently ask about work experience placements.

Never Give Up

Although work experience wasn’t available at each business, trainees did not give up!

As a result of the road trip, two trainees, Jarrod and Jean, are well on their way to work experience.

Jarrod has spoken to Ready Steady Go Kids at Blacktown Leisure Centre to try his hand at assisting in the preschool sports program!

Jean is also rearing to go, currently in communications with two real estate agents who are considering Jean to join the team for work experience.