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Learning new skills and getting real world work experience can be exciting and fun – especially through Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support)Program.

Penrith and Minchinbury SLES Trainees were super soaked and super stoked to have work experience at Jimmy’s Hand Carwash in Penrith. They were very keen to get hands on, practical experience and to learn the ins and outs of a car wash business.

The purpose of the work experience was to provide trainees with the opportunities to learn about what is involved in running a hand carwash and gaining knowledge of the process of washing a car.

Getting To Know The Business

First, trainees were provided with a tour of the business by the owner, Jimmy. Jimmy showed trainees how to offer the customers a great range of car wash services, as well as the process of booking in the customers cars. Trainees then hit the car wash tunnel to see exactly where the car washing magic begins.

During the tour, trainees had the chance to learn more about each part of the car wash process to ensure a thorough clean of the customer’s car. They learnt about the products and equipment required in order to get the cars clean and glistening.

Hands On Work Experience

Trainees were given the opportunity to handle equipment and became more aware about how to stay safe in a high traffic environment.

Putting Theory Into Practice

In addition to valuable experience in the workforce, the opportunity was also a stepping stone for trainees to learn how to prepare and run their very own carwash fundraiser.

Armed with detailed knowledge and skills, the trainees were confident in running their own car wash fundraiser for the Afford community in November.

They promoted their car wash service with flyers and outlined days and times that would visit Afford offices in Prestons and Minchinbury to provide car washing services.

Trainees set prices of $10 per 4WD or van and $7 per car with service including a wash and chamois of the vehicle.

All the money raised through the car wash fundraiser goes towards the SLES graduation at the end of the year.

From work experience through to their own entrepreneurial experience, trainees have learnt some valuable work and life lessons and can be proud of their efforts and for making a personal contribution towards the staging of their graduation. Well done SLES trainees!