Michael is a man on a mission. During the six years that he has worked with Afford, his top priority has always been to make the Minchinbury Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) the best workplace.

Nothing is ever too hard for Michael. He never gives up and tries his hardest to raise awareness within the community of safe practices for workers with disability.

For months Michael witnessed inappropriate driving and parking behaviour in the street where he works at the Minchinbury ADE. When large vehicles park along the curb side, Michael and his fellow workmates find it difficult to see traffic to cross the road safely. At times, they would have to walk out beyond the edge of the trucks, onto the street to see if any cars or other heavy vehicles were coming. This practice poses significant risks for their safety.

On a mission to create change, Michael spoke with fellow ADE Safety Committee Member, Andrew. Afford has established a safety committee to regularly review practices to ensure the highest-level safety practices, inside and outside the factory.

With Andrew’s support, Michael wrote several letters to the local Council to address the issue of large vehicles causing safety risks for people with disability who work in the street. He also wrote a letter to the local Member for Mount Druitt. His request even progressed and received a response from the office of the Minister of Transport and Roads.

After many letters and correspondence, in December last year, Michael triumphed!

Blacktown Council installed parking signs to prevent long and heavy vehicles parking in the street that plays home to  the Afford Minchinbury ADE, during daylight hours.

“This has made it much easier, and safer for all Afford employees to cross the road with a clear, safe view. While Michael and Andrew believe what has been achieved so far is a great win for everyone at Afford, they are already in talks with our Local Police Traffic Area Commander and looking into the next steps to keep everyone safe while working at Afford,” said Megan Chase, Supervisor at Afford’s Minchinbury ADE.

Find out how you can enjoy meaningful work in a support and safe environment at an Afford ADE.

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