Part of Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) program involves practical work experience for trainees.

Work experience helps give trainees a glimpse into the responsibilities and pressures of a workplace environment. It also presents opportunities for trainees to learn more about different industries by getting hands-on experience. Once completed, trainees can add their work experience on their resumes to show future employers.

At the end of last year, Ingleburn SLES trainees participated in four months of work experience at Afford’s Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE).

Trainees, Chance, Emma, Salaymatu, Benjamin and Tama, approached the work experience with positive attitudes and a willingness to learn.

Supervisors at the ADE supported trainees to set up tasks and duties each day. Once the trainees developed a routine and learned about the production process, they quickly became confident in completing packaging and labelling tasks.

The lead up to Christmas was a busy time for workers across all Afford ADEs, so having extra hands on deck with the SLES trainees was greatly valued by everyone on the factory floor.

Trainees contributed to packaging and labelling many consumer products that Australians buy at the supermarket every day.

“The trainees were very interested in learning about the ‘behind the scenes’ jobs that help deliver products to consumers around Australia every day. They felt great pride in knowing that they had contributed to jobs that go out to the wider community,” said Livenya, SLES Ingleburn Trainer.

Find out more about work experience opportunity through Afford’s SLES program to get a head start for your career.

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