Meet Jean and Stephen!

Jean and Stephen have been living in one of our Supported Independent Living (SIL) houses for seven years.

Jean and Stephen became good friends soon after they first met, and they are now friends for life.

Jean and Stephen live in the same SIL house. Their SIL house is close to the shops, public transport, friends, and a park.

Jean and Stephen have a perfect balance of enjoying friendships, independence, hobbies and support. Jean says they feel like the “luckiest people in the world.”

Enjoying friendships in a SIL house

In their SIL house Jean and Stephen enjoy each other’s company and have a better, stronger friendship. They couldn’t be happier.

“It’s really good, living together is awesome and it’s the best thing I’ve ever had,” says Jean.

It also means making new friends and spending time with them. They even have some that live just around the corner!

“It’s like a family,” says Stephen.

“I’ve made a couple of friends…very nice, they are,” says Jean.

Being independent in a SIL house

For Jean and Stephen independence means being able to do things for themselves and make their own decisions.

It means doing jobs around the house, like cleaning, making sure the house is secure, and taking out the bins.

“I take the bins out every Monday night,” says Stephen.

Jean and Stephen also take public transport to work four days a week. Stephen does a lot of cooking, which is a skill he has developed. Jean says his cooking is getting better!

Loving hobbies in a SIL house

For Jean and Stephen their SIL house is a safe space to enjoy their hobbies.

This means walking to the park near their house, where they like to sit in the sunshine or work out on exercise machines.

Stephen loves music and has a huge music collection. He also DJs at work parties. Jean enjoys relaxing after work by watching television and reading horror magazines.

Jean and Stephen also enjoy gardening and looking after their plants.

“We’re growing aloe vera plants in the garden,” says Jean.

Having support in a SIL house

In their SIL house Jean and Stephen can have the support they need to live independently. They have access to a driver who can take them where they want to go. They also have support with taking daily medications.

It can also mean support with skills and goals, like Stephen’s love of music and his goal of being on the radio. Stephen has had support to get work experience at a local radio station.

“My goal is, I’m in a training course for radio,” says Stephen.

We are one of Australia’s most experienced NDIS SIL providers

Supported Independent Living is just one of the NDIS-funded home and living supports we offer our clients.

Learn more about Supported Independent Living.

We have SIL houses in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, and make sure our clients move into houses with housemates, carers and supports that are just right for them.

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Disclaimer: We will work with you to find a house that meets your needs and a home with people who share your interests. We cannot guarantee placement with friends or family.

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