Our Penrith SLES trainee Chloe has earned herself the title of ‘cupcake queen’ thanks to her impressive work as part of Afford’s School Leavers Employment Service (SLES).

Afford’s SLES program offers trainees the ability to pursue their dreams whilst easing the stress of transitioning from school to the workplace.

To develop her love of baking and natural creative flair, through the help of SLES and her parents, Chloe enrolled in a cake decorating course held at the One Stop Cake Decorations store in Penrith.

“Chloe has a tremendous creative talent and no matter what she puts her mind to, Chloe achieves her goals,” said SLES trainer, Sharon Figl.

The course teaches the process of making buttercream and the art of cake decorating. Chloe was learning a new pattern every week and to further improve her skills, she purchased a cake decorating kit to practice with at home.

This experience also enabled Chloe to create and maintain strong relationships with her trainer.

“Chloe called her trainer via face time to share her joy with her latest creative wonder – the most stunning buttercream floral arrangement that Chloe made by using techniques learnt throughout the course,” Sharon said.

Having achieved a certificate in buttercream icing, Chloe is now enrolling in the next course on offer.

This experience through SLES has had Chloe and her family thinking about her future employability options and she has even come up with a future business name – Chloe’s Kitchen.

All of our trainee’s in SLES receive a personalised plan that includes a range of support. From creating resumes and cover letters, developing interview skills, and even learning work-ready skills such as money handling or customer service.

Just like Chloe, we can help you find and enrol in unique experiences that will have you excited to follow your passions and enter the workforce.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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